Aerial department of Zodiac Film service provides a close range of flight cinematography with hi-end and custom made UAV systems to deliver you the best creative solutions for Feature\Short films, TV series and Commercial. Our team consists of RC-heli and Drone award winning pilots, technical experts of UAV development and real cinematographers at the head of production.


Starlift 22 drone
  • Drone with 3-axis Gyro Stabilized Gimbal.
  • 10-20 min flight time.
  • Up to 80km/h airspeed.
  • Payload capacity 11kg.
  • Take off weight up to 22kg.
  • Cameras: ARRI Alexa Mini, RED cameras.
  • Lenses: Hawk v-lite anamorphic, ARRI Master Prime, Fujinon 19-90mm and RED 18-50mm zoom lenses.

Dual Link radio remote control for additional safety during the flight.


3-Axis custom made camera gimbals are developed to carry hi-end filming equipment, cameras and lenses. All gimbals provide fast load on set, various accessories compatibility and provides disparate stabilization during flight.

Safety Features

Dual Link drone control system is created to meet the most delicate flight safety requirements and provide durable and long range control link in highly jammed radio interference zones in city or other areas. Drone is equipped with doubled safety features. Such as dual battery power, Dual camera power and dual drone pilot control.

Playback Features

Drone is equiped with Independent 3000ft wireless video for Director/DP monitor and video village.


Dmitry Denisov
Co-Founder. Pilot. Developer. Commercial photographer
4 time RC-heli champion in F3N class. Award winning RC-heli pilot with 10 years experience in rc-heli and drone development.
Tarik Miskiv
Director of Photography. Aerial DP. Camera Crane.
Thousands of hours experience with camera remote control systems on Film and TV production.
Dmitry Franchuk
Pilot. Engineer. Developer.
RC-heli champion in F3C class, award winning Drone Racing and RC Heli contest winner. Has 7 years experience of RC-heli flying and drone development experience.