The Industry’s finest technicians continue to design and inspire unique high-quality accessories that are unmatched by their peers.
Cameras and Lenses

Our mission is to provide cinematographers with cameras and exclusive lenses like hawk anamorphics, lomo, uncoated etc.

  • ARRI Alexa mini, Alexa XT
  • LOMO OKS, Illumina S35MK2, UNCOATED Super Speeds Celere
  • HAWK Anamorphic 2x
  • Angenieux ZOOM
  • Cooke SF Anamorphic

We carry the latest in LED lighting technology such as ARRI Skypanel, HMIs,Tungstens, Dedolight and Kino Flo fluorescents.

Playback and DIT

Coming soon
DIT specialising on technologies such as ZODIACxRAID Vault and Digital Dailies.


Production and Camera Vans, Trucks, Generators 30-150kw and transport for full video production.

  • Power Generators Trucks
  • Camera Vans
  • MakeUp Trucks
  • Wardrobe Trucks
  • WC Trucks